Imagine you’re standing at the bottom of an enormous mountain. Now image that before you can even begin the Herculean task of scaling its colossal flanks, you must first traverse a valley consisting of towering cacti, saber tooth tigers, and a raging river roaring through the cavernous bottom.

Now. Imagine you have no map, no compass, no snacks, no boat and, oh yeah, by the way, you’re naked.

That’s how it feels to write a book. 

In truth, I’ve written multiple books, each one thrown into the rubbish because it wasn’t IT.

None of the previous versions had the right tone, the right voice, the right concept, the right style—the elusive IT that would reach an audience in the way I wanted to be heard. Luckily, I’m persistent (translation: too stubborn to quit while I’m ahead) and eventually I found IT; or more precisely, my 22 year-old-son led me to IT. A smarter human than I could ever hope to be, he helped me arrive at a style of writing that is storytelling, just like fiction but with an agenda that goes beyond entertainment.

Drop me a note if you’re interested in becoming a beta-reader (for those intrepid enough to provide feedback) or if you’d like a copy of the finished product.

Either way, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me at

Anticipated release date October, 2019


photo by lauren giuffre